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Dried By Design

Dried flower arrangements for your Saint Augustine Home or Office.

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In 2015 Dried By Design celebrated it's 12th year in business and it's 10th year at Old City Farmers' Market. Though I began in the garden in 1997; DBD as a business officially began in 2003.
After spending 10 years teaching in our local St. John's School system I decided to stretch my wings with a business of my own. It took me about six years of experimentation to come up with flowers that would grow easily in our NE Florida climate conditions, dry successfully, withstand the rigors of constant moving to and from the Market and reach a customers home in all it's beauty with a staying power (in the right environmental conditions) of three to six months.
It took an equal number of years to learn how to successfully arrange the dried material in vases of my own making, to produce a 'sellable' product ,a product to be proud of!  My years of teaching (1984-1994) prior to this venture and my family's farming history(See my 'Garden Roots' Page) propelled me into a marriage of 'The Arts and Farming'.